Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis

If you're at least somewhat up to date with current events then you've heard about the earthquake and potential meltdowns of a few of Japan's nuclear reactors. Due to the loss of electricity from the tsunami, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been unable to pump water to the fuel rods which continue to build up heat and energy. As long as they do not burn through the barriers containing them and combust with the outside air, a major catastrophe can be averted for the most part. What better way to explain the disaster than a little metaphor. Even in the midst of such a predicament Japan finds an oddly hilarious way to inform people about the incident. Am I a bad person for finding this video funny?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bully Gets What He Deserves

One of the more recent viral videos to come from Youtube shows what happens when bullying goes to far. Unfortunately for the bully in this situation, things did not end in his favor as he is seen provoking and striking a much larger and more endomorphic student, Casey Heynes. After a shot to the face and a couple to the stomach the victim proceeds to pick up his agressor and slam him on the pavement in a move that looks like it belongs in the WWE. I find that it should be a humbling experience for the bully who will now live his life with the shadow of this incident over his own head. However, unexpectedly, the victim who was defending himself has been expelled and faces criminal charges. Why am I not surprised this is how the aftermath of this event has ended up...
And administrators wonder why bullying is still such a large problem in schools. Regardless of where you stand on this particular incident, you've got to admit, its a pretty funny video.
According to Casey's friend's father, "This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life-and today he snapped! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of his TUFF buddies!"
Youtube has been deleting this video every chance they get and this is the third one I have had to find.